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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Forced Out

I had created this blog to publicize the bumper stickers and other items I had created over at, mostly as on outlet for frustration, and as a kind of therapy. It certainly wasn't to make money, as over the couple of years I did this, I netted < $20 in sales commissions. Recently, Zazzle sent me an form-email demanding that I provide the provenance of all the art I had used, and to prove that I was not violating anyone's copyrights. Since I had over a hundred pieces on their site, I asked them to specify which pieces they had concerns about. AFAIK, I wasn't violating anyone's property.

I asked them three times for clarification, and each time I got another copy of the original form letter. I never could reach a human! They don't publish a phone number.

Then they abruptly canceled my account, eliminating all the items I had listed.

So unless I get motivated to start posting goods somewhere else, this site will be dormant. Needless to say, I won't be doing business with Zazzle any more.

My thanks to those of you who had read this blog.

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